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Day 1 of 30 Extraordinary Days of Gratitude

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09/01/14 – Day 1 – 30 Day Challenge
For the next 30 days 09/01/14 through 09/30/14 I plan to blog every few days about how I choose to make my days extraordinary in every way and how I can appreciate and be more thankful for the little things I am blessed with in my life.

Monday 09/01/14 – Day 1

Today began like any other.  Checking emails, doing dishes, organizing my apartment…same ol’ shit…just a different day.  So tired of the mundane habits.  A holiday none the less (Labor Day 2014) and I was content just staying home getting some work done or maybe even taking a dip in my pool if I could “make the time” for myself.  To my delight, one of my good guy friends, Jason, called to invite me to a pool party bbq in the Brentwood Hills of California.  I immediately said yes as I was hoping for a sign from God to have a great day today.

Jason and I went to his friend, Victor’s house.  We met so many nice new people.  I swam in the gorgeous pool with new girlfriends and even floated around on a bright yellow & pink raft (the girls took about ten minutes to blow up) soaking up the sun.  I remember a brief moment where I thought…wow, it’s nice for someone to share their hard work with someone else (the raft).  Ahhh… what a difference a phone call can make…thanks Jason ;-)



After leaving the pool party I was sitting at an intersection.  If I turned left I would be home in about a half hour and my fun day would be over.  If I turned right I could drive Jason and I to the beach to see yet another of God’s miraculous sunsets.  I CHOSE TO TURN RIGHT.  My soul desired to see the sunset, to make this day more extraordinary, to get out of the house and LIVE a lot more.  I needed more SUNSHINE FOR MY SOUL. ;-)   Within about 20 minutes Jason and I ended up in Malibu at Gladstones (we’ve both lived here many years and neither one of us had ever visited it before) ***EXTRAORDINARY*** We did a little photo shoot on the beach during the sunset, walked along the beach, let the tides tickle my toes and just soaked up this precious moment in life.  I definitely MUST make more of these precious moments in my life.  I must get out more.  I didn’t want to leave the seaside.  It was truly breathtaking and so zen. ;-)

Lessons learned / remembered today:
Call your friends to invite them to your fun events too
Go with your gut
Make a quick decision and then make it right
You appreciate your gifts more when you share them with others
Give your contact information to new friends so you can keep in touch
20 seconds of courage could change your life
Always choose RIGHT ;-)
Choose to create more memories not repeat the mundane tasks of day to day life.
Sunshine feeds my soul






Melissa Hunter Online Portfolio * NEW PICS

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I had so much fun on location at the Beverly Hills legendary Greystone Manor Mansion and California’s famous landmark, the Santa Monica Pier for my new photo shoot with the amazing Australian Paparazzi Photographer, Nathan Richter.  I wore two divine bikinis!  One from Syrup Swimwear.  The other from Niki de Paimpol which I bought in Cannes, France last summer.  I even got to cozy up with some chic cashmere crochet wraps by Tania Richter.  These are a few of my favorite photos from the shoot.  Keep your MOJO workin’ baby!

Get Your Autographed & Personalized Photos, Collector Cards & More by clicking here!

MOJO on the RADIO – Connect to Divine Guidance

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Melissa Hunter a.k.a. MOJO is a Soul Connection Specialist.  She has been channeling Archangel Raphael since 2005.   In this radio interview she reveals how YOU can learn to connect to Divine Guidance by using her simple 3 step method.

Listen to her ———-> Radio Podcast <———-

& learn how you can tap into infinite intelligence now.  Also check out her inspirational videos on her
MOJO the Messenger Youtube Channel here.

Melissa Hunter
Melissa MOJO
Melissa Jo Hunter
Melissa MOJO Hunter
MOJO on the Radio
MOJO the Messenger
Connect to Divine Guidance
Soul Connection Specialist
Pretty Poems to Ponder
Published Author
Inspirational Poet
Spoken Word
Poetry for the Soul
Soul Poems
Celebrity Clairsentient

Hollywood Show

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Fun times at the #HOLLYWOODSHOW today signing autographs alongside Barbara Eden of I Dream of Jeannie, #IlanMitchellSmith of Weird Science, Peter Ostrum (Charlie) of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Shirley Jones of the The Partridge Family, Alf / Mihaly ‘Michu’ Meszaros many original members of #themickeymouseclub and much more! Thanks to those of you who stopped by! Fun, fun! Hugs from Hollywood! xoxo MOJO

Someone has to get paid to play Barbie!

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Working my MOJO as a professional FIT model here in Hollywood, CA!
I love getting paid to play Barbie!  It’s a tough job … but someone has to do it! hee hee.
#workingmymojo #gotmymojoworking #mojoworkin

Get to know MOJO!

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It’s been mentioned several times that I need my own TV show.  I guess here are a few reasons why…lol:

My AWESOME real life:

I was born with natural red hair (less than 2% in the world).
I looked like a celebrity as a child, little orphan Annie.
In elementary school, I sent a boy home crying from a break dancing battle where I beat him by pretending he was a tin can and throwing it/him on the ground and stomping on it.









I received the most awards in my junior high school (13 awards) in a single year.
I learned street smarts & great budgeting skills by growing up in a bad / low income neighborhood.
I got chosen to go to California for the Boys & Girls Club Keystone Conference and visit Disneyland at only age 16.
I was the first in my family to graduate from High School.
I have 10 nieces & nephews.
I have a very loving Mom & Dad.
I received three academic scholarships for college.
I graduated University with a triple business major.
I was on a mega hit reality TV dating show that gave me instant celebrity status over night!
I was paid to live in a castle near Paris, France for one month while filming Fox’s Joe Millionaire.
I was paid & flown to Rome, Italy for one week to do a cameo appearance on Fox’s the Next Joe Millionaire.
I was on the cover of Indy Men’s Magazine.
I was a Hometown Honey in FHM magazine.
I was paid & flown to Jamaica to do my own radio show “Find Your MOJO in Jamaica”.
I was paid & flown on a private jet to Mammoth Mountain to go skiing on my first date on Bravo’s TV dating show, Millionaire Matchmaker.
I dated a real multi-millionaire who wanted to marry me and build me a house and I said NO because I’m still looking for true love.
I’ve went on a date with a very famous race car driver.
I’ve met many of my favorite country music singers (Billy Currington, Dierks Bentley, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw & more).
When I met Bret Michaels he invited me and 5 of my friends back on his bus to hang out.
When I met Steven Tyler, while taking a group photo he took my hand and put it on his private area. (Bet you would pay to see this photo! lol)
I went to the Bahamas with a famous guitar player.
I used to get paid to fly to Vietnam twice a year for bridal gown fit modeling.
I’ve traveled to Cancun, Cancun, Cabo, Cabo, Cabo, Rosarito, Bahamas, Jamaica, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, Vietnam & more.
I’ve relayed validated messages from deceased friends and family to people who are close to me.
I predicted my sister’s baby 6 months before she knew what it was (2 months before she even found out she was pregnant).
I have over 13+ celebrity collector cards.










I went on the Price is Right with a girlfriend and my name got called and I made it all the way to the show case show down.

I had an autographed Peyton Manning Superbowl Jersey until I sold it on CMT’s new TV show, Win, Lose or Pawn.
I have my very own DonRuss Americana Celebrity Collector card alongside of great legends such as Quentin Tarantino, and many more.
The first time I met Snoop Dogg he said, “MOJO, I’ve seen you on TV…you looked sexy.”  I almost fainted. Lol.
The first time I met Tim McGraw he said, “Oh yeah.  I know that show.  You were my favorite.”
Regis of Regis & Kelly said, “I don’t care what anyone says for the rest of their life, he should have picked MOJO.”
I channel Archangel Rapahel.
Archangel Raphael helped me write a full length comedy feature film and my inspirational poetry.
I became a published author in December 2013.
I hand delivered a copy of my book to Queen Latifah while visiting her talk show.
And so much more…
#lovemylife #makeyourdreamscometrue #themojoshow

Pop Tarts 50th Birthday Bash

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Not all work in Hollywood is glitz & glam…lol.  I had a blast today at the House of Blues in Hollywood celebrating the Pop Tarts 50th Birthday Bash alongside megahit pop stars such as Jasmine V, America Sierra & more!  Check out a few pics here:

MOJO on the RADIO – Behind the Scenes of Reality TV Dating

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Melissa Hunter also known as MOJO is famous for her appearance on the FOX megahit reality TV dating show, Joe Millionaire.   Recently Melissa Jo was interviewed on 1370 WSPD Radio to reveal her thoughts regarding the new (very similar) FOX Television show, I Wanna Marry Harry.  You can listen to MOJO’s Radio Interview here.

Find out what other TV shows Melissa Jo Hunter a.k.a. MOJO has been on by visiting her IMDB page here:
Melissa Hunter
Mojo on the radio
behind the scenes of reality dating shows
reality tv dating
i wanna marry harry
joe millionaire
Melissa Jo Hunter
Melissa MOJO

Book Me Baby!

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Did you know that you can book me directly online through an amazing new website called THUMBTACK?


Thumbtack is a great way to book CELEBRITY SPOKESMODELS like myself DIRECTLY without paying an added agency fee!

More info here: MOJO the MODEL

September 2013 – Sizzlin Summer

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Wow, before you know it summer has came & gone!
It’s September already and like some of you who feel you have lost your MOJO…
I feel like I have completely lost my summer! lol.
I’ve been working hard trying to write, edit, format and fundraise campaign for my very first book,
Pretty Poems to Ponder.  Thank goodness I got to the beach a couple of times to enjoy the sun & sand
because in the blink of an eye … blink … we are already into fall.  My goodness how time flies when you’re
creating your destiny! lol.

Did you do anything EXTRAORDINARY this summer?
I think the most extraordinary thing I did was finally do what I have been putting off for years.
I wrote my very first book.  I hope I raise enough money to get it published & launched the way I would like.
Maybe you can still help me reach my goal?
Kindly contribute to my campaign if you catch this in time!  Or notify me if you wish to make a private donation.
Click here:

Thank you all for your love & support!  I truly couldn’t do it without ya!
Wishing you & yours a FABULOUS & MOJOLICIOUS FALL!

Stay Warm!  xoxo MOJO


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